Eye to Eye with Trump

Early on, I used comic art as therapy to deal with the win of Trump. I’m not laughing anymore. This man has done so much political and cultural damage, he does not need to push the button. A higher level of resistance is needed. I need to understand Trump, to look in his face, eye to eye, to understand. It’s hard …

“Metta, you may know, is the Pali word for ‘loving-kindness’ or, more accurately, ‘benevolence.’ It’s a practice that dates back to the Buddha himself. The old fellow had a lot on the ball. When the mind is happy, he discovered, we naturally wish for the happiness of all beings. Your friend Spinoza expressed the same thing in God-language: ‘The good which everyone who loves God wishes for himself, he also wishes for all others; and the greater his knowledge of God is, the greater this wish is.”

“I knew I would have to move on to Hitler. But when I tried to concentrate on him, my will power shut down. Complete distraction. Random thoughts tore through my mind. An iron resistance set in. There was no way I could continue with my phrases. Even a tentative motion of my will toward say, ‘May you be …’ nauseated me. If I could have let myself express a wish, it would have been ‘May you suffer as much as you made each of the six million suffer.’ I didn’t go so far as to think the truly horrible ‘May you burn in hell.’ But I came close.

“‘Let’s be more gradual,’ David said. ‘Can you say to Hitler, ‘May you be free of hatred’? ‘Yes,’ I said. ‘That sounds doable.'”

Stephen Mitchell
Meetings with the Archangel: A Comedy of the Spirit